Jeweller brutally murdered in chomu


A 50-year-old jeweller was brutally murdered by unknown assailant on Tuesday evening at Chomu Chaupar area in Chomu town, almost 40 kms from Jaipur. The police are suspecting that it was a murder for gain as one of the employees of the jewellery shop was missing with jewellery worth of lakhs of rupees. 

The deceased has been identified as Mool Chand Soni. Mool Chand Soni, owner of Shubham Jewellers used to return home by 9.00 pm every day. On Tuesday, when he did not return till 10.00 pm his relatives went to the jewellery shop. The kin, upon entering the shop saw blood-stained body of jeweller in the basement of the shop.

Senior police officers including DCP and SHO rushed to the spot with FSL team soon shortly after receiving the information. "It appears that an employee of the deceased who was missing from the shop could be behind the act. Family members have also reported missing of valuable jewellery. We are estimating the amount of jewellery robbed from the place with the help of family members. Prima facie it appears to be a murder for gain," said Ashok Gupta, DCP (West).