JDA engineer caught red handed taking bribe of Rs 2,000


JOHDPUR: A junior engineer of Jodhpur Development Authority (JDA) was caught by ACB in the act while taking a pay off of Rs 2,000 for allowing consent of house development. He had effectively taken Rs 1,500 from the complainant.

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As per auditor (ACB) Anil Kumar, Dharm Veer Soni of Nandari territory had connected for JDA's authorization to develop his home in Ramdev Nagar.

"He had addressed a junior engineer of JDA Kanaram for this consent. Kanaram went by the spot in June and requested Rs 5,000 for allowing the authorization of development," said the authority. But he continued requesting the rest of the sum for giving authorization of development. At the point when the complainant arranged, Kanaram consented to settle the arrangement in Rs 2,500. Of this, Rs 500 was taken by him on Tuesday.

He consented to take the rest of the Rs 2,000 on Wednesday at Kalvi transport stand on Jodhpur-Jaipur street. Yet, then, Soni grumbled to ACB, which after check of the protestation, laid a trap to catch Kanram in the act while taking the pay off.

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