Jawahar Bagh looked “haunted” after the violent clashes


Mathura:  Jawahar Bagh wore a haunted look with scorched trees and vehicles after the violent clashes in Mathura on thursday. It was after 2 years when free movement was possible in Mathura.

The administration department after 72 hours opened the gate of Jawahar Bagh to the media on Sunday afternoon to cover the aspects related to the destruction.

It was found that the trees laden with fruits and leaves burned by the fire that spread in Jawahar Bagh on Thursday night. Hundreds of burnt cylinders and utensils lay in the storeroom. Furniture had been destroyed. Luxury vehicles like Safari, Innova, trucks, tractors, mini DCM and motorcycles were also there. 

Moreover, there were documents which consists of bank account details, addresses of those staying in Jawahar Bagh. Literature related to Subhash Chandra bose, damaged coolers, fans and other electrical appliances was also found there.

On Sunday, Jawahar Bagh was totally occupied by the followers of Rambriksh Yadav who too was found dead.