Japan: ‘Spa-Musement’ park having rides filled with hot-spring water to launch soon


A bizarre spa-themed rollercoaster, where adrenaline junkies take a ride in little jacuzzis, could turn into a reality because of this viral video.

Traveler boss in Beppu City, Japan, appointed this unusual limited time video pitching the locale’s acclaimed “onsen” hot springs as motivation to visit.

The clasp is set in an (as of now anecdotal) “spa-musement” stop, where guests walk around in only white towels.

They semi-clad punters are seen going for a turn on a hot-tub merry go round, and in addition a fast rollercoaster where the carriages are loaded with lathery water.

One couple getting a charge out of a frozen yogurt together are left absorbing steaming boiling hot water as the speeding liner flies overhead, spilling the substance of the carriages on top of them.

The film was shot at a current entertainment mecca in Beppu City, which was changed over into the spa-themed experience stop utilizing 12 tons of privately sourced hot-spring water.

The chairman of Beppu, Yasuhiro Nagano, is additionally found in the video, promising to make the spa-musement stop a reality of the YouTube video gets one million perspectives.

Also, he may now need to follow through on his guarantee, as to date the clasp has practically multiplied it’s objective, with more than 1,800,000 hits as such.

After the video all around surpassed the one million stamp, the leader’s office put out an official statement evidently swearing to keep to his assertion.

Mr Nagano requested contribution from “countless” to draw up “solid arranges” and included: “A team and expert groups will now look towards making theroject a reality and we might want to go ahead with your support.”

Watch the video here: