Japan: At Least 18 dead, 27 missing in heavy rains and floods in Kyushu


Tokyo: Heavy rains and flood situation take the lives of around 18 people in Japan’s south on Sunday. The rescue operations are underway to evacuate several people.

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Due to overflow of rivers and heavy downpours, Swathes of Kyushu island have got ruined badly. The water even into entered into the roads, houses and schools as well.

Several people have been rescued to provide safe shelters in school gyms and public buildings. Many others are still fighting with water to get life back.

On Sunday, over 500 people were lay off while distorted bridges and waterlogged ground on steep hillsides impeding evacuate attempts.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga stated the government was doing its “greatest” to evacuate missing people.

As per the reports, nearly 18 people lost their lives while 27 others are missing.

Five individuals were in basic condition, Suga stated, with the administration as yet attempting to discover if their wounds were a consequence of the serious climate.

TV film indicated protect helicopters held up at a temporary heliport – unfit to fly in view of the deluges, while individuals petitioned God for the wellbeing of their relatives.

More than 50 centimeters (20 inches) of rain deluged parts of Kyushu in 12 hours on Wednesday, provoking the Japan Meteorological Agency to caution of conceivable huge harm.

Downpours have proceeded with discontinuously since, with up to 22 centimeters recorded in Fukuoka in the previous 72-hour term.

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Japan’s climate organization on Sunday cautioned of proceeded with overwhelming downpours and mudslides in northern Kyushu.