Janardhan Reddy’s daughter’s wedding attracts critisism from anti corruption activists


Chennai: While a majority of people are struggling in the aftermath of demonetization, former BJP minister in Karnataka, Gali Janardhan Reddy, has caught the attention of Income Tax officials after his daughter’s wedding cost Rs. 500 crore. The sheer lavishness and grandeur of the wedding that took place on Palace Grounds has attracted the condemnation of anti-corruption activists.

The baron cum politician, who has spent four years in jail for illegal mining, left no stone unturned for his sole daughter’s wedding. Reddy now happens to be on bail. The starry wedding had everything from a jaw-dropping venue to an equally astonishing star guest list. Though the BJP had warned it’s Karnataka members against attending the wedding, many of them did indeed defy the orders.

One of the chief critics of Reddy and the wedding is National Committee for Protection of Natural Resources (NCPNR) founder president S.R. Hiremath who had filed several cases against politicians including Janardhan Reddy. Hiremath claims to have written to the Prime Minister, seeking his intervention in finding out the source of the money being spent for the wedding. He has demanded an investigation via the CBI or Enforcement Directorate or Central Vigilance Commission.  He further added that a SIT appointed by the Supreme Court should “wake up, raid Mr Reddy’s house and ask for accounts”.

Hiremath then said, “Even as demonetisation has hit the common man, allowing Mr Reddy to display his wealth without any checks is the greatest attack on the Constitution. We have written to all the agencies, the Chief Justice of India and the Prime Minister to take action.”

Complaints have also been filed by Bengaluru-based senior advocate T. Narasimha Murthy. he questioned the silence of income tax authorities. In his complaint he wrote, “He was released from prison in 2015, after serving a five-year sentence in illegal mining cases. Besides expensive cars and choppers, Mr Reddy and his wife Lakshmi Aruna’s immovable assets, worth around Rs. 70 crores, have been seized. He still managed to invest crores of rupees on his daughter’s wedding. How can this be possible?” According to sources, senior members of the Income Tax department have kept a close watch on the wedding.