Jammu and Kashmir: Man Sacrifices Camel On Eid


RAJOURI: Curfew was forced in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri locale on Wednesday after brutal conflicts occurred in the territory over hamburger related gossipy tidbits. Police sources say the conflicts began after a man was pummeled for butchering a camel as penance for Eid. When the news spread, individuals from two groups conflicted, in which a few people were harmed.

Despite the fact that the organization forced time limit and sent a substantial number of security powers, conflicts proceed in a few sections of the town. The police discharged teargas shells to scatter stone pelting swarms. A photograph writer covering the conflicts was harmed in stone pelting. A shop was determined to flame by the swarm.

"We won't extra anyone who is discovered spreading collective agitation," said a top cop. "It (the meat) was not hamburger. Those included in beating of a man for conveying camel meat will be reserved under Public Safety Act," he included.

With cases of bovine vigilantism being accounted for from different parts of the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested that the states take action against what he called "fake dairy animals defenders", saying frequently they were hostile to social components.