Jaisalmer: Relative attacked couple in Barmer, wife taken to hospital


JAISALMER: A couple was attacked cruelly by the husband’s cousin when they were travelling on a lonely road under Bakhasar police station area in Barmer district. The culprit attacked wife on her legs and hand. On the other hand, the husband tried to run from the spot. Later, the accused too rushed from the spot and attempted suicide by hanging himself from a tree. The cause behind the attack is noted to be old antagonism.

The incident took place at Matunga Boli village under Bakhasar police station area following an old argument. After the attack, the woman tumbles after the attack as both her legs were pricked deeply while the husband tried to rush from the area. The frightened accused then committed suicide.

The investigation is in process by the police officials. SHO Shankardan stated that Hemaram filed a complaint that he was travelling to Sedwa with his wife to get their Aadhaar cards. The girl was seriously wounded and is taking treatment at Sanchore hospital.

Later, Kehraram then attempted suicide by hanging himself from a khejari tree.  The investigation have started by police officials.