Jaisalmer: Police arrested Woman, mom & paramour for killing husband


Jaisalmer: A week after finally police got the success, a man dead body was found at the Panchpara border last week, in this case, police now arrested a woman along with her mother and paramour.

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Accused Veero, her mother and paramour have killed her husband Gogara as she was unhappy with Gogara. Veero had a child marriage when she was just three-month-old and was sent to her in-law's house in Lundada, Barmer after she turned 18. Gogara was a drunkard and often thrashed Veero.

Unhappy with Gogaram's behaviour, she fell in love with Gangaram who worked with her husband as labourer in Jodhpur. Gangaram and Veero were planning to tie the nuptial knot. On November 7, when Gogaram was already drunk, Ganagaram rode him on his bike on the pretext of offering more liquor. Later, he strangulated Gogaram and dumped his body near Panchpara border.

Police traced them through Gangaram's SIM card. Barmer SP Gagandeep Singhla said that Veero's mother was aware of their affair and had helped them as she knew her daughter was unhappy.

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