Jaisalmer : Pakistani national detained from Air Force station


JAIPUR: A Pakistani national was detained on Wednesday for intruding into Jaisalmer Air Force station.

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The reports revealed that the air force station authorities detained the Pakistani National and seized Aadhaar card from him.

Officials believe suspect that the detained person may have connections with Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Authorities affirmed the man was arrested when he was making efforts to come into the air force station after leaping the boundary wall.

The probe disclosed the name of man as Purkha Ram. He is a farm worker as a profession in Vijaynagar, located in Ganganagar district of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer superintendent of police, Gaurav Yadav, finalized the reports and asserted that the district police were well-informed of the capture but the air force officials have not sent the detained Pakistani national to the cops.

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The accused is not permitted to go to secured or restricted area excluding in extraordinary cases with earlier consent.