Jaipur takes the lead, installs smart street lights


Jaipur: Jaipur is taking a lead in adopting environment friendly civic services. The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has installed smart street lights on Mahal Road to reduce power wastage. Such an initiative has been taken for the first time in the country.

Under the smart lighting system, the JDA has installed 320 smart street lights on 1.6km stretch on Mahal Road.The officials claimed that Jaipur is the first city in the country to have installed these smart lights. "The first set of smart lights installed at Mahal Road are being tested," said an official.

After the successful testing, the JDA plans to install 2,100 smart lighting nodes in the next phase. "We have invi ted online tenders for the next phase. The last date to submit bids is November 9," added the official.

In the second phase, the JDA would install smarts lights on seven stretches, which would cover nearly 47km area. Explaining the functioning of smart lights, another JDA official said, "We will feed the sunrise and sunset timings into the system to operate these lights in order to prevent energy wastage.

Also, the street lights only glow in the presence of a person or a vehicle. They remain dim rest of the time. So when the density of traffic reduces in the night, these lights get dim automatically ."