Jaipur Super Bikers Launch Event


Jaipur :  Jaipur Super Bikers also known as JSB organized their launching event at Hotel Lalit , Jaipur on Saturday 19 June,2016.

Jaipur Super Bikers are promoting road safety,The objective of the club is to increase awareness of safe riding, following traffic rules on highway and the city,importance of riding gears etc. About 200 riders attend the program , popular racer Simran King who is JK Tyres 1000cc category national champion 2015 , Manmmet Singhand who won JK tyres race championship at BIC, came from Delhi to attend the event.Many other bikers came from different parts of the country.

Haider Ali Zaidi (DCP,Traffic Police) Jagdish Katil were the Chief guest of the event.

Tanuj Shivahare,president and founding member of JSB ,told “A lot of people ride superbikes in Jaipur, but these riders don’t realise how fast these bikes can be. Many don’t know how to handle these bikes and this leads to fatal accidents.I have lost many of my close friends because of this. This is why we thought of getting biking experts from across the country to Jaipur, and guide all JSB members on tackling difficult situations while riding. This is the first time we’re doing this and we’ll be organising more such sessions regularly . We won’t just talk about the speeding issue, but other stuff like the right kind of gear, managing your bike’s performance, etc.“ He added, “The idea of inviting members of G.O.D.S was that it is one of the oldest groups of superbikers started by Dr Arun Thareja. So they were the right choice.“

Harley Owner’s group joined the event and made it special.Super Bike companies like Ducati,Yamha,Suzuki,Harley Davidson,DSK Banneli,Honda Hysoung displayed at the event powerful bikes at the eventh. Honda Gold Wing is the attraction of the event.