Jaipur student plunged to her death at zip-lining class, horrific video shot by classmate


A student in Jaipur fell off the roof of her college and died today; her fall was shot by classmates who had gathered with her to train in zip-lining and rope and mountain climbing. The training was being conducted by the victim’s father.

Aditi Sanghi lost her balance at the edge of the terrace, said officials at the International College for Girls (ICG).

She was watching another student coming down the zip line when she plunged to her death.

Her dad, Sunil Sanghi, is associated with a mountaineering academy in Jaipur and gives training at several colleges. She frequently accompanied him to these training sessions.

“It is a six-story building and she fell from the top. Her dad said she had completed her round and was standing there watching when she all of a sudden fell. We are investigating what led to the death and how she fell, we will question other witnesses who were with her. It doesn’tappear to be a case of suicide,” said Mukesh Chaudhary, a cop handling the case.