Jaipur: Soldier fires in air after scuffle with vegetable vendor


Jaipur: An Army man landed in trouble after he fired in the air following an altercation with a vegetable vendor in Shastri Nagar area of the city on Saturday afternoon.

According to police, Sajid Khan, a soldier with the Army, was passing by the area in his car when accidentally got hit by a vegetable vendor. "There was scratch on his car due to the vegetable vendor's pushcart. This led to heated argument between them," said Mahaveer Prasad, SHO, Shastri Nagar police station.

The solider and the vendor slapped each other which resulted in an altercation, the vendor called in other people to help him fight Khan. "Soon a mob of over 50 people surrounded Khan, he got worried and fired in the air from his service pistol to disperse the crowd," Prasad said.

"The solider himself called the control room and informed about the entire episode. Later, the vendor also reached the police station and filed a complaint against the soldier," police said.

The questioned Khan about the incident and he claimed that he fired due to self-defence as the crowd around him had swelled, the police also noted down the details of his gun.