Jaipur sees steep decrease in number of rape cases


There has been a steep decrease in the number of rape cases and their registration in Jaipur. According to the figures available with the Jaipur police there is a drop of right around 80 percent in the rape cases. Some of the officials of Jaipur police and Special Operations Group (SOG) wing of the state police attributed the dip to the recent busting of honey trap gangs involved in blackmailing individuals on the pretext of lodging a rape cases against them and later withdrawing the cases by charging hefty amounts.

According to the information available with the Jaipur police, 263 cases of rape were registered from January till April in 2014 which was followed by 273 cases in 2015 (for same period) and 330 cases in 2016 (for same period).

About the number of cases registered in four police districts of Jaipur from January to April, 2017, a senior officer on Sunday stated, “Just 68 cases of rape are registered in this period. The drastic dip gives us an impression that majority of the registered cases lodged earlier were lodged to blackmail the denounced and were later withdrawn.”

Whenever contacted, Dinesh MN, inspector general of police, SOG, stated, “We have explored cases in which a syndicated racket was working to trap individuals and later used to implicate them in rape cases. The decrease in the number of rape case registration certainly gives us a impression that prior many fake rape cases were registered.”

Senior cops additionally said that out of the registered rape cases in 50 percent of cases police need to file a Final Report since they are observed to be fake or the lady lodging rape cases change their announcements in the court. “We too had busted similar gangs in which we had arrested ladies involved in wrongly implicating men and blackmailing them in pretext of rape cases in Jhotwara and some other police headquarters,” said senior cops.