Jaipur people shows concern over water wastage

Malteser International, Rajasthan

On March 26 and 27, one of the leading newspaper conducted a two-day campaign at various areas in the city, including World Trade Park Mall, Albert Hall and Mansarovar Plaza, to keep an eye on the levels of public sensitivity to water wastage. Taps were left open at various areas, to watch if individuals from people in general would close them and keep water from being squandered. Those behind the campaign watched that occupants of the city have a genuinely abnormal state of metro cognizance and would shut taps off.

Little tokens of gratefulness were given to more than 10 individuals from each of the distinctive destinations who raced to stop the taps and keep water from streaming unnecessarily. A few people landed at the open taps to drink water, and were educated that it was not good for drinking.

The event was held not long after World Water Day on March 22.