Jaipur: Minor ran over by speeding truck, killed


Jaipur: 10-yr-old boy killed, as a speeding truck ran over him on Sunday in Kanota area of Jaipur. At around 8 am, the mishap took place when a religious parade was passing, the boy come out of house to look the parade.

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During the parade, when sweets started distributed, the minor went to take. While returning house with sweets a speeding truck traveling from Jaipur ran over him. The Kanota police recognized the minor as Vikas Bairwa, resident of a close by village.

His father employed as an accountant in a brick factory. Locals rushed the boy to the nearby hospital where he was affirmed bought dead. Locals chased the truck which was found abandoned alongside the highway.

The Kanota area police further conveyed they registered a case next to the driver under section 279 and 304A of the IPC. Further investigations are on.

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