Jaipur Metro to dispatch e-rickshaws at Mansarovar station


Jaipur: To stamp the 70th Independence Day, Jaipur Metro will dispatch e-rickshaw administrations at Metro station in Mansarovar to give last mile availability to its travelers. C S Jeengar, chief (Operations and Systems) Jaipur Metro said that at first 16 e-rickshaws will be propelled on two streets, which will be expanded to 24 in the coming days. He said these rickshaws would keep running as contract carriage from Metro station to Mansarovar Plaza through Rajat Path/Madhyam Marg and Element Mall to Nirman Nagar Marg.

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The duty from Metro station to Rajat Path/Nirman Nagar for four travelers would be Rs 20 (on sharing premise) while from Mansarovar Plaza to Element Mall would be Rs 40 (on sharing premise) for four travelers.

This is Jaipur Metro’s endeavors to give quality feeder administration to the workers which is additionally moderate.The e-rickshaws of sky blue shading will be present day and agreeable. They can keep running for 100 km with completely charged batteries. The seats are expansive and agreeable and the sides are secured to shield travelers from daylight, clean and rain. The e-rickshaws are additionally fitted with LED board for the travelers’ security around evening time. Jaipur Metro official said that this office would be stretched out step by step to six other Metro stations amongst Mansarovar and Civil Lines.

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