Jaipur: Man who stole 9kg gold and Rs 2 Lakh nabbed


Jaipur: Police apprehended a youth in Jaipur on Sunday who escaped with 9kg of gold jewellery and 2 lakh in cash, more than a month ago. The youth was an employee of a jewellery-cum-pawn shop in Chennai. Around 2.5kg of gold was recovered from him.

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On September 3, G Deepak aged 20, a local of Rajasthan got away with the valuables which he had stolen from the shop on Somasundaram Street, Ayanavaram, when the proprietor P Goparam had gone to a temple with his family.

Goparam did not understand that the gemswere lost after returning home as Deepak had utilized the key to open the shop and left the key in its standard place. Goparam saw the robbery just when he opened the shop the following morning.

A special team from Chennai went to Jaipur to chase for Deepak yet he figured out how to dodge capture. The team gave photos and different subtle elements of the suspect to Jaipur police.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Goparam accommodated six employees in one portion of his house. There was only a single door inside the house that led to the shop. Deepak would lock the shop every evening and keep the key in a place known only to him and the owner. He was a trusted employee as his father was a friend of Goparam.

“He is believed to have drawn up the plan and sent his girlfriend home a week before he targeted the shop,” said an investigating officer. A special police team from Jaipur nabbed him from his friend’s house.

Deepak is likely to be conveyed to Chennai soon. Police are trying endeavors to recuperate the staying gold adornments which was sold by him.

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