Jaipur: Illegal relation behind double murder case


The city police examining the double murder case of Mansarovar in which a father and his son were killed by unknown aggressors on Wednesday said that illegal connection of the 35-year-old man could be the purpose for the murder. Police were searching for a maid who used to come to get ready lunch and dinner for father and son to get further intimations to explain the murder secret.

“We have found a portion of the cell numbers that had a place with the perished father and child. One of the cell phone that had a place with Saurabh Saxena(35) is missing from the house,” said police.

Police have additionally discovered a few condoms in the house and a few hints that proposed that Saurabh was into illegal relations after his divorce six months back.

“There could be a probability that the maid and Saurabh had illegal relations which were later known to the maid’s husband. In this way, maid’s husband alongside her strength have murdered Saurabh and keeping in mind that the father came to oppose he too was dispensed with,” said a senior officer.

At the point when reached Prafful Kumar, additional commissioner of police (Crime), stated, “Nothing is decisive. We are searching for the servant who used to work before in this house. Her scrutinizing will additionally clear the puzzle.”

Police while citing a few neighbours said that the casualty Saurabh and his father were not extremely social and were self-driven. “There are unsubstantiated reports that a few women were regular in this house. The way Saurabh’s both situation is dire by the rope from the front gives clear sign that it was not kill for pick up but rather was a murder for some revenge. Somebody needed to teach the casualty a lesson,” a senior officer on the state of secrecy said.