Jaipur: Hospitals review fire safety mechanism


Jaipur: City hospitals have reviewed their fire safety mechanism on Tuesday after fire in a private hospital claimed 23 lives in Bhubaneswar .Many of them refilled hydrant while others have briefed security staff to be always on alert. Fire department of Jaipur has said that most of the hospitals are following set norms which are required for empanelling with the government for its schemes.

Prateem Tamboli, zonal director, Fortis Healthcare Limited, Rajasthan told that other than standard operating procedures, they are equipped with all the latest tools to avert any such incident. "Our lifts are automated to stop at the ground floor in case of emergency services. The signages are composed of elements which also becomes visible during the blackout and also during dense cover of smoke.

Every floor has two dedicated fire officers who are trained to handle patients, attendants, hospital staff and infrastructure from damage," said Tamboli. City has seen surge in the number of private hospitals in the last five year. However, the fire department has confirmed that barring few incidents, they have not reported any serious fire incident involving hospitals. Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Hospital in Jaipur also has a dedicated staff trained for containing damage in case of fire.

"Our hospital designed to prevent fire to spread. We have proper fire exit system in place at all floors. The lifts are spread at the corners so that if one portion is facing any emergency the other exitlift continues to work," said pro, Virendra Pareek of MG Hospital State's biggest hospital SMS in Jaipur has also plan ready to avert any fire. "We have proper firefighting measures in our hospital to deal with any fire incident in our hospital. We have proper mo nitoring of electric equipment and wiring.

Recently , we have installed additional electric wiring in case we need power backup. Also there is a separate section electricity and maintenance section, which ensure that no short circuit take place in the hospital as a trigger for fire," additional superintendent Sawai man singh hospital, Dr Ajit singh said.

Every hospital requires NOC before empanelment.Secondly the department is free to make inspections at periodic level. The check list includes fire hydrant at every floor, fire risers at every stairs, underground and overhead water tank, fire alarm, public address system and fire exit. Most of the hospitals in media spoke with have told have conducting mock drills also.

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