Jaipur : Four reserved for assault, kidnapping


JAIPUR: A lady has held up a FIR blaming four people for kidnapping and assaulting her at a confined spot in Muhana region on August 8.In the FIR recorded on Thursday night, she said that while she was strolling on a street interfacing Taron Ki Koot and Sanganer zone, four people powerfully took her to a detached spot in Muhana. Police are exploring the matter however the lady neglected to desire therapeutic examination and recording her announcement in the court. "We had approached her to come at 10am for medicinal test and recording her announcement in the court.

Jaipur: 13-year-old girl rapped by minor, arrested

However, she didn't come. When we reached her over telephone, she let us know that she was occupied in some work," Shiv Ratan Godara, SHO, Sanganer police state, said.Godara said that at the season of recording FIR, she told the police that she knew one of the denounced. The lady gains her employment by working in houses as a cleaning specialist.

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