Jaipur: Four arrested for manufacturing fake currency notes


JAIPUR:  On the outskirts of the city on Monday, the Bassi police busted a gang involved in manufacturing of fake currency notes and later circulating them into the market. The police have arrested four people in this association and have additionally seized a coloured printer which was used to make the fake currency notes of Rs 100. Police have additionally seized fake money notes of Rs 14,000.

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As reported by the police, a few witnesses gave a tip off that there are a couple of people in Bassi who are planning to circulate some fake currency notes in the market. “After the identity of one of the blamed was identified as Dinesh Meena he was cross examined. He admitted that he had got the fake currency notes of Rs 100 from oner Raju Lal Meena. Amid then we had seized 16 fake money notes of Rs 100 from his ownership and caught Raju Lal,” said Kunwar Rastradeep, Deputy comissioner of police (East).

Later the cross examination and arrest of Raju Meena got the police the arrest of Ashok Meena and Chotey Lal Meena who too were included for the case. “They had got a coloured printer from which they were making these fake cash notes of Rs 100. For the most part, the individuals who aim in fake currency notes go for making it of Rs 500 and individuals can’t speculate that Rs 100 cash note can likewise be fake, in this manner the group began it,” said a senior officer.

Police are cross examining the blamed to discover how much fake currency notes they have circulated in the market in this way. “We have seized 16 fake cash notes of Rs 100 from the ownership of Dinesh Meena, 23 from Raju Lal Meena, 48 from Ashok Meena and 33 from Chotey Lal. From Chotey Lal we have additionally seized one fake money note of Rs 1000,” he further added.

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