Jaipur: Businessman abducted the lady not cabbie


Jaipur: The police on Sunday arrested a 31-year-old wealthy businessman after detaining and questioning more than 800 taxi drivers for the abduction and molestation of a 22-year-old girl here on Thursday night.

SMS Hospital sets an outpatient record in September

The accussed, recognized as Neeraj Gupta, a craftsmanship merchant with an affinity for liquor and late night gatherings, is suspected to be a habitual offender, as reported by the police.

Hours before he molested the victim, who was returning home from a bar in C-Scheme, he was tossed out of the same bar for attacking another lady. On Thursday night, the casualty and her two companions had got into Gupta’s car mistaking him for a taxicab driver. Gupta, who claimed to have a punctured tire, got her companions out of the auto and headed out with the victim. After a fizzled assault endeavor, he likewise attempted to strangulate her.

More than 250 cops works to capture accused.

The accused dropped her close Daulatpura flyover after she fell oblivious. The victim spent the night covered up under the flyover and was followed by a police watch.

The case had left the city shocked and raised questions about the safety of women. The police sprung into action, with Jaipur police commissioner Sanjay Agarwal deploying 200 constables, 50 investigating officers, and two deputy commissioners to find the culprit.

“It was a ‘blind’ case. There were no eyewitnesses or CCTV footage. We relied heavily on the girl and her two friends who remembered booking a cab over an app and getting into the cab. They did not recollect the face of the driver, the colour and model of the car,” said Agarwal.

On Friday, Ashok Gupta (DCP West) asked the trio to sit in 25 different models of cars which are most commonly used as taxis in the city. However, that did not help much. “The girl who was kidnapped calmly sat down in all 25 cars. She closed her eyes and judged the distance to the roof and dashboard board from the seat. She said that the space between the dashboard and the front seat should have been much more than what it was in all these 25 cars,” Agarwal said.

The young lady likewise told the police that handle of the front entryway of the car was broken.

This made police think that the vehicle was some expensive luxury sedan. They ran another round of intense checks on agencies involved in the business of luxury taxi services. Later, they shifted their focus to private cars.

While the police was still groping in the dark, one police team stumbled across a morning walker who told the police that on early Friday morning he had seen a Skoda model car outside the Daulatpura area. “We contacted all RTO offices, we even talked to RTOs in Dausa, Churu, Sikar and Alwar and sought information on the particular vehicle,” Agarwal said here at a press meet.

The police finally tracked the vehicle’s number (RJ 32 CA 3199) and the RTO gave the registration details. “Neeraj Gupta was hiding in his factory warehouse in Laxmi Narayan Puri, which is near to the crime scene. The marks on Gupta’s shoulder were an indication of the struggle,” Agarwal said.

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