Jaipur: Banks run empty, ATMs run dry


Jaipur: The Demonetization decision announced on 8th November by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has entered into its third week but the woes of a common man still continue. People are still reeling under stress as cash is not available at banks while ATMs are running high and dry.

Some reprieve, however, sought business people and investors in small saving plans. On Wednesday, the fund service declared that the outdated Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes could be stored in mail station bank accounts. With the declaration the post workplaces over the city saw colossal surge.

Be that as it may, banks are confronting significant issue of liquidity. Cash still needs to achieve coin mid-sections. All banks are returning clients who have come to pull back cash. Some have depended on supply old notes in groups of Rs 10 and Rs 20 to manage the emergency.

With trade out short supply, ATMs ran dry and protests of not being refilled by the powers were raised from all parts of the city. A few ATMs have been recalibrated and have begun apportioning Rs 2,000 note however office is still accessible in few of them. ATM machines in remote zones were refilled just once in a day prompting to incredible troubles for individuals living close-by.