Jaipur: Ankit Dhayal became the president of Rajasthan University


Jaipur: As like a film with lots of drama the counting of votes for the president of Rajasthan, Union Students' Union (RUSU) turned out to be a cliffhanger. Akhilesh Pareek, the presidential candidate of Akhil Bhartiya Vidharthi Parishad (ABVP), who started celebrating with his supporters after deciding that he had `won,' was in for, possibly , the rudest shock of his life.

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Ankit Dhayal, the independent ABVP dissident, became the dark horse winning the prestigious seat after a week-long eventful campaigning. In his `enthusiasm,' Pareek had misread the lead and signalled the victory , which may now make him the laughing stock of the campaign.

While he began giving jubilant `live' interviews to television channels, his supporters started sending celebratory messages over WhatsApp groups. A bike rally by his supporters, chanting ` ABVP ka Pareek Sher Baaki Sab Ho Gaye Dher' (ABVP's Pareek is a lion while the rest collapsed), began in Raja Park at 8.30pm and set the tone of massive celebrations. But when it comes to fortunes, one should expect the unexpected. While Pareek was attending congratulatory calls from senior BJP leaders, Dhayal was patiently monitoring the counting process inside the humanities hall. He seemed confident of his victory and he was proved right. 

It was a nail biting finish in the ned as Dhayal was declared victorious by a thin margin of 36 votes. And as Dhayal was being announced as the winner, Pareek was dancing with his supporters outside the hall. When the news was broken to him, he turned red and rushed into the counting hall screaming `it's `not possible…not possible!'.

He pleaded for a recount of votes, which was readily accepted by election officers. It took an hour for the dean, students' welfare, to announce Dhayal as the president of the RU after recounting. Sensing defeat and to save the party some embarrassment, senior BJP leaders welcomed Dhayal back into the party without any conditions.

Dhayal put an end to the speculation after a while by stating, "I was disgracefully ousted by the party (ABVP) for which I dedicatedly worked for eight years. My victory is a tight slap on the face of pimps sitting in the party who protested my candidature."

ABVP may have lost the top post but the party has won all the three other positions. Sujata Meena (Vice-president), Mohan Lal Yadav (General secretary) and Manish Choudhary (Joint secretary).