Jaipur: 46-yr-old man arrested for thrashing mother to death


Jaipur: On Friday a 46-yr-old man detained by Alwar police as he fled after beating his mother to death in drunken situation previous week.

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A police official has also conveyed that, Vijay Kumar Jatav whipped his mother Rama Devi so harshly that she succumbed her grievance in Jaipur at SMS Hospital previous week.

His wife registered a case in an attempt to murder against the man. Previous week 46-yr-old Jatav was beating his wife and children in intoxicated situation.

When his mother Rama Devi attempted to save children her daughter-in-law, the indicted commenced whipping her mother with iron rod and baton.

Jatav’s wife Mandira Devi and mother Rama Devi were critically wounded. On hearing the screams, the neighbors interfered.

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The woman was immediately taken to the nearby administration hospital. Later on Ram Devi was referred to Jaipur SMS hospital where she succumbed to her grievance.