Jaipur: 26-yr-old man was ran over by a speeding bus


Jaipur: A horrific incident occurred on Tuesday near Kanak Ghati when 26-yr-old Feroz Khan killed after a low-floor speeding bus was ran over on him. On Tuesday a happy moment occurred for Feroz Khan and his family members as his engagement ceremony was scheduled in the evening.

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Feroz with his 19-yr-old friend Mujeeb gone out on bike to purchase sweets for ceremony, but while coming back home a speeding bus hit their bike and was ran over close to Kanak Ghati in Amber.

Police officials conveyed that the after hitting bus driver ran away from the spot. Locals informed police about the incident and the two bleeding from heads was immediately rushed to the SMS Medical Hospital.

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Feroz died due to internal injury and severe head damages and Mujeeb’s condition was still critical. Feroz employed at private company and living with his family close to¬†Handipura area. A case was filed against bus driver for negligence driving.