Jaipur: 22-year-old trapped for selling blood


A 22-year-old man was detained by Moti Doongri police on Monday for allegedly selling blood in lieu of Rs 1,000 to a poor patient. The captured youth is seeking after graduation at Commerce College and police will check if a similar youth was included in comparable negligence before as well.

A few people informed the SMS chowki about a man who was seen conversing with a few people and promising them to give blood in lieu of Rs 1,000. “The preparatory reports recommended that the denounced distinguished as Umesh was acquainted with the group of a destitute patient by a tea seller and it was settled that in lieu of 1 unit blood he would charge Rs 1,000,” said a senior officer of Moti Doongri police headquarters.

This was the third capture by the Moti Doongri police as in comparable captures two individuals were prior captured after the intervention of two staff medical attendants of SMS hospital. Amid that time, the two medical attendants — Sanjay Chaudhary and Sateyendra Chaudhary – posted in south wing-II of the SMS Hospital, indicating nearness of brain got hold of the charged who had come to pitch blood to a needy patient on February 27.