Jaipaur: Man arrested to buy wine with photocopy note


Jaipur: In Chirawa a bizarre incident came in light where A 60-year-old man was caught by the police on Monday evening while he was giving a coloured photocopy of newly introduced currency note of Rs 2,000 to buy liquor.

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Initially, liquor salesman took the piece of paper given by him as genuine currency note, however, while he refused to refund the change amount it triggered an argument.

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According to police, a salesman of a liquor shop informed police about a man who brought a coloured photocopied piece of paper which latter claimed to be a genuine currency note of Rs 2,000.

"The accused identified as Lal Singh came to the liquor shop and gave a piece of paper which he claimed to be a genuine currency note of Rs 2,000. Since the shop was crowded, the salesmen initially put it in the cash box believing it to be genuine. He asked the old man to wait for getting the amount to be refunded. 

That's when the Lal Singh started arguing and was getting restless. Thus, on the basis of suspicion, we were informed by the salesman and we found that the it was a fake currency," said a senior police officer of Chirawa police.

In the interrogation the accused claimed that somebody else had given him that piece of paper asking him to buy a quarter bottle of a whiskey. "The matter is under investigation. If the old man was be fooled by somebody else, he would be caught else the old man is in trouble," said an officer.

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