Would have been in jail if allegations were true says Arvind Kejriwal


NEW DELHI : On Sunday, With sacked minister Kapil Mishra levelling a slew of allegations, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed that he “would have been in jail had there been any truth in the allegations against me”. Brushing aside Mishra’s contention, Kejriwal said: “Even all investigative agencies could not find anything against me.”

Tending to a tradition of AAP laborers, the gathering convener stated: “Our development has gone under substantial assault in the current past. It’s a matter of joy. It shows that they (Opposition) are terrified of us.” Top AAP functionaries went to the tradition that looked to fortify the gathering at the corner level.

Kejriwal had so far kept up total quiet on the charges despite the fact that Mishra debilitated to catch him by the neckline and drag him from the CM’s seat the distance to Tihar Jail. Mishra affirmed that “Kejriwal was straightforwardly connected with hawala exchanges and crores of rupees were channeled into AAP’s coffers with his insight, yet he deliberately ignored to it”.

Kejriwal stated: “It harms when your own kin sell out you. God will demonstrate the way ahead in the event that he needs (us)something.” Mishra was one of the put stock in lieutenants of Kejriwal and filled in as water priest in his bureau for quite a while. “What would it be a good idea for me to say in regards to these trivial charges? Individuals, including my adversaries, are not ready to trust these them.”

The CM quickly touched upon the issue of EVMs, saying “they (Opposition) have caught the EVMs.”

The party didn’t allow media at the convention site. AAP volunteers tweeted quotes of Kejriwal from the party’s official twitter handle besides uploading video footage. Kejriwal said he would interact with people through Google Hangout at different assembly constituencies on the first Sunday of every month at 7 pm.