‘Jadu Ki Jhappi’ is a perfect way to express your LOVE this Hug Day 2018

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As everyone knows, the love season is going on and only two days are left for Valentine’s Day. Every couple is planning something special for their partner this valentine’s day. Boyfriends and Husbands are leaving no chance to impress her partner. Love is a feeling that binds two people together. It does not really need to be expressed, because it is a feeling which we can share to our lover. Today is the sixth day of Valentine Week and it is popular as Hug Day.

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On this day, you can express your feeling to your partner by giving a tight hug to him. You can show your care and love towards him by giving a hug today. Apart from it, you can also give a tight hug to your family members today. It will surely make your relationship stronger.

The best way to express love is by hugging someone. When someone gives you a hug or you give someone a hug, it seems like all the problems, anger, negativity disappear from your relationship.

Celebrate this week of Valentine with the person you love the most be it your friend, a lover, neighbor, parents, brothers and sisters and with those people also who are unhappy. You will feel happy after giving hug to your partner.

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Celebrate Hug Day on each day if you want to say sorry to someone or thank you. Let someone feel what you feel for them.


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