I’ve always had a huge crush on Katrina, says Sidharth Malhotra


Actress Katrina Kaif and Siddharth Malhotra is all set for their upcoming film “Baar Baar Dekho”. Currently, they are doing promotions for their film in many parts of India.

Recently, Katrina and Siddharth Malhotra interacted with the people during the promotions in Mumbai. Authorities of five star hotel greeted Katrina with a warm Namaste. She even talked about her movie and her striking chemistry with Sidharth in the film.  

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Film Director Nitya Mehra also accompanied him during the promotions.

Katrina said, "I believe, women write the best characters. I've always had a great time with female directors — from Zoya Akhtar to Nitya. Women write characters that are more real and consequently, they are easier to portray." For Sidharth, the script proved irresistible. "It's a genre that's not been attempted in Bollywood. It touches upon a very pertinent point. Sometimes, the reason a boy and a girl are not together is their personal differences and not the society. May be their personalities don't match. May be they are just not compatible. Besides, there's an amazing element in the film — what if you could see the future of your relationship?" he said. "Working with Katrina was as easy as it is sitting with her here today. She's a great example to live by. What I've learnt from her is that no matter how big you become, you have to work just as hard as you did when you started off. She never takes her stardom for granted.”

Katrina added, "This is the first time I've had to put in so much of hard work in a film to make the characters relatable and believable. Kala chasma is a highlight of the film. It's a amazing, celebratory song. Dance is my passion. Bollywood is primarily a musical industry — music is an integral part of our films." Talking about her toned body that she flaunts in the film, the actress said, "It's a lot of training in the gym. You have to be disciplined."

When asked Katrina about his chemistry with Sidharth, she said, "'It is been a brilliant experience working with them. I absolutely love the both of them. I fell in love with them as soon as they said yes to my film! It became easy for me to direct the film because I started looking at them as my characters. Initially it was like witnessing a relationship. There were ups and downs, getting along and occasional fights. And somewhere Diya and Kat merged as did Jai and Sid."

Sidharth said, "It was a simple exercise — Katrina and I had to look at each other into the eyes for as long as we could. I didn't blink even office. Wonder why Katrina's eyes kept drooping! I have always had a huge crush on Katrina. Imagine romancing your crush! I'm very lucky. She's worthy of a Baar Baar Dekho!"

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