Iulia seen with Salman Khan and family at Mumbai Airport


Salman Khan has remained sealed-lipped about his relation with Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur. Sources revealed that Mumbai. Salman khan might tie the knot with girlfriend Iulia soon. He has been spotted with Iulia many times and recent was at the Mumbai airport along with Salman’s mother.

The Iulia was seen accompanying his mother whereas Salman was spotted with his bodyguard. It seems that 50 year old actor’s bachelor life is going to end soon. As the reports says that Salman khan might proceed towards marriage in his relationship because of the depleting health of her mother who wants his son to be taken care by his wife.

"SO the not-young and single superstar may well be married by the year's end. The forever bachelor has decided that nuff's nuff. We hear his current girlfriend, a foreigner, may soon end up being the most powerful woman in the film biz. Not an enviable spot we assure you, for it isn't her love that will make him pop a ring. Rather it's his ailing mum, who wants to see her baby boy well taken care of. Oh, the more things change," a blind news on Mumbai Mirror said.