“It’s a pleasure to watch Virat Kohli on ground”, says Richard Hadlee


Mumbai:  India's Vice captain Virat Kohli is on the top position these days. He is considered as the "phenomenal player”.

The New Zealand legendary Richard Hadlee, a well known fast bowler feels that “It’s a treat to watch Virat Kohli on ground”.

"He is world class clearly and is a phenomenal player. It's a real joy to watch (him play). He plays proper cricket shots in all forms of the game, even in T20 cricket. The four hundreds in a row he scored in the IPL were beautiful to watch”, said Hadlee.

"He stamps his impression on the game and looks to dominate the bowlers. It takes a brave batsman to do that and he is showing no fear. (He's) beautiful to watch," Hadlee said.

"(AB) De Villiers is another of those really destructive and orthodox players who can take the game away. So they are the top three in world cricket and rankings would reflect that. They are different and a joy to watch," he said.

Running between the wickets is an important part of the game, but we don't see a lot of threes being run, so make it (boundary) little bigger," he said.

Virat has also made the changes in his bowling, which helped him to become more successful, says Hadlee.