A couple of years ago if you asked me whether I wanted to go skiing or snowboarding, I would have straight away said no. Why? Because for one, my first winter in DC was me trying to avoid black ice as I walked to the metro, slipping numerous times, and just being way too cold for comfort. Let’s face it, I’m a beach bum who worships the sun, and me being subjected to snowy weather can literally be compared to a fish out of water.

I’m also up there being the world’s biggest klutz…I’ve twisted my ankle slipping down my staircase, tripped going up staircases on multiple occasions, and I often find mysterious bruises on my body from bumping into things. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and it seemed smart to stay away from sports that could potentially immobilize me… 

I have a number of friends that go skiing every winter, and instas always look so fun. Thanks to FOMO, I slowly started to change my mind, and when in Austria last November, Victoria & I decided to spend a day learning to ski. The ski resorts were just opening back up for the winter season, and since we were in Salzburg for a couple of days, the ski resort of Kaprun was only an hour away. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the weather wasn’t co-operating the one day we could head to the resort, and we had to scrap our plans.


I was back in Dubai attending the 2016 Arabian Travel Market and had the chance to spend some time exploring the city I grew up in. It’s so different exploring a city as a tourist as opposed to when you’re living there. I realized how much I haven’t done or seen in Dubai that can only be chalked up to I’ll get to it soon. Which I didn’t. And as luck would have it, I had never been to Ski Dubai since it first opened at Mall of the Emirates in 2005. Eleven years later and I finally get the chance to check it out, and go skiing in Dubai!

Maybe it’s cliche that I’m quoting Elizabeth Gilbert, but I don’t care because the quote really resonates with me. Sometimes in life you just have to be fearless, and signing up for a skiing lesson was my way of doing just that; overcoming my fear of getting injured while skiing. Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean I should skip opportunities and experiences on the off-chance that it does happen. That’s no way to experience life, and coming to that conclusion has actually helped me grow, and say yes to more experiences.

Who would have thought that skiing in Dubai would be my way of being fearless?


 Dubai is one of the few places in the world where you can spend the morning skiing, the afternoon at the beach, and the evening in the desert. Ski Dubai is a 22,500 m² indoor ski resort that’s part of Mall of the Emirates, which used to be Dubai’s largest shopping mall, until it got overthrown by Dubai Mall.

In addition to the ski school, there’s also a ski lift that takes you through the resort, a 3,000 m interactive Snow Park and Zip Wire, as well as two cafes – Avalanche Cafe and St Moritz Cafe – for when you’ve worked up an appetite after a morning on the slopes. Ski Dubai caters to enthusiasts of all levels, but I do have to say if you’re an expert skier who’s used to outdoor conditions, a run down the slopes will leave you rather unsatisfied.


As I had no experience whatsoever skiing, I chose the Directory Ski Group Lesson for Adults which costs $50 and lasts approximately an hour.

Once you check-in for your lesson, you’re given all the equipment you require – ski boots, skiis, and appropriate clothing. With a slope pass, you’re given socks, but not gloves or a hat, which you can either bring from home and save your $, or purchase at the retail store within the resort. I was a little surprised they don’t make helmets mandatory, but if you want one, you just ask for it.

You’ll have a locker to keep your personal belongings, and you get prepped for the slopes in this huge area in the middle. The day I was visiting, there were a number of school groups on their field trips, so be warned, it can get quite chaotic and certain areas can be closed off – Black Diamond run was on my visit.