Italian minister tells Charlie Hebdo to ‘stick it’ after earthquake cartoons


Italy's inside clergyman has told French humorous paper Charlie Hebdo "where to stick their pencil" after a toon demonstrating Italian seismic tremor casualties as lasagne started insult and a disclaimer from the French international safe haven in Rome. 

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"To utilize their own parody, I'd offer a recommendation as to where they can stick their pencil," Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told columnists on the sidelines of a discussion in Cernobbio on Lake Como this weekend. 

He was remarking on a toon in the paper, portraying casualties of the 24 August seismic tremor in which almost 300 individuals kicked the bucket. 

Entitled "Seismic tremor Italian style", it demonstrated a bloodied and bound man under the subtitle "Penne in tomato sauce", a severely blazed lady named "Penne gratin" and a heap of bodies under rubble marked "Lasagne". 

"We cried over their dead, they derided our own," Alfano included reference to the January 2015 slaughter at Charlie Hebdo's workplaces. 

The toon has brought about shock on online networking in Italy and were named sickening by Sergio Pirozzi, the leader Amatrice, the town which was most noticeably awful hit by the debacle. 

Charlie unrepentant 

Prior Italian Justice Minister Andrea Orlando called them "hostile". 

"I don't believe it's valuable to remark further as I feel that would create accurately the looked for eventual outcome… that is to make a clamor," he said. 

Such was the anger that the French international safe haven in Rome issued an announcement Friday, saying that "the Charlie Hebdo toon not the slightest bit speaks to France's position". 

The paper was unrepentant on Sunday. 

The "drawing of the day" on its site, portrayed another tremor casualties, saying "Italians, it's not Charlie Hebdo that fabricates your homes, it's the mafia."

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