It took some time for kajol to believe that she is beautiful


Performer Kajol, who has faith in a regular skin care regime, says it took some time for her to trust that she is beautiful. "I believe it is wise to take up a regular healthy skin regimen in your twenties, in order to keep up young skin in your thirties," Kajol, 42, said at the launch of a cosmetic brand. Kajol was one of India's leading performing artists in her twenties, quitting movies when she wedded on-screen character Ajay Devgn at 25 years old.

"A ton of things have changed throughout the years, but now I believe that I am beautiful. It took me a long time to believe that. So my beliefs about myself have changed, and I think I am a better person today. I have grown, hopefully," Kajol included.

Kajol said she drinks a ton of water to keep her skin hydrated.

"There aren't any beauty secrets when family is concerned. We are just hereditarily beautiful. One thing I advise this to everyone is be completely neat and clean , drink loads of water and wash your face three times a day," said the mother of two, who wants to be a mirror image of her mom Tanuja when she is her age.

"For me, my motivation has been my mom. I would like to resemble her when I am her age. She doesn't look one bit her age. I feel youngsters are beautifull, however ladies are just stunning," Kajol said.

"Youngsters are pretty and adorable and they might like that term. They like to describe themselves like that. As people grow older, whatever is inside them turns out, and that is genuine excellence," she included.

Kajol says her better half Ajay Devgn compliments her once in a while and just when she looks particularly shocking.

"Ajay compliments me when I look extraordinarily stunning. He would state 'You are looking nice', and that is it," she said.

Kajol rarely makes movies now and was recently seen in 2015's Dilwale with Shah Rukh Khan, her co-star from movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.