It seems like a good five to six storey jump


This video is certainly not for the cowardly, particularly the individuals who fear statures and water.

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A video shared on the 'ig: 8Booth' YouTube channel demonstrates a man running up a building, in all probability an inn, and after that hopping off the gallery straight into the swimming pool. The adrenaline junkie being referred to appears to have a GoPro camera or its proportional strapped to his head which records the startling deed.

The video demonstrates the man first moving over the building's railings and going through hallways as though he is in distraught surge. He in the long run achieves the overhang, moves over the railing and takes pretty much two seconds before making the startling plunge. It appears like a decent five to six story hop.

What's significantly harder to process is his response post his bounce, yet we'll give you a chance to watch the video to see that.

The video has gotten over a million perspectives since September 15 on YouTube. Watch it underneath and kindly don't attempt this at home or anyplace else.

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