ISRO unveils India’s weather satellite INSAT-3DR


CHENNAI: An official of the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has conveyed that, the 29-hour countdown for the launch of India's weather satellite INSAT-3DR using geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle (GSLV-MkII) is moving ahead efficiently. An ISRO official has also further conveyed that, the countdown which commence at 11.10 AM is happening.

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It is succeeding smoothly. On Thursday at 4.10 PM the GSLV rocket will put the 2,211 kg INSAT-3DR an advanced weather satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit following blasting off from the subsequent introduce pad at India's rocket port at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The satellite will then be manoeuvered into its last geosynchronous orbit.

 The satellite will addition the meteorological and data relay services of its predecessor INSAT-3D, which is in process since July 26, 2013. On August 28 the satellite was hypothetical to be launched but this was postponed owing to technical issues with one of its components. According to Isro, on Wednesday evening the second stage/engine was fuelled up.

According to the space group representatives, ISRO will launch ScatSat — a weather monitoring and forecasting satellite — with polar satellite commence vehicle (PSLV) at the closing of the month. The Indian satellite will have as its co-passenger an Algerian Alsat satellite. Both the satellites will be put into dissimilar orbits. Thus, the fourth stage/engine of the rocket will be switched off after first ejecting ScatSat. Then, following a gap of approximately 30 minutes, the engine will be restarted to put the Algerian satellite into its intended orbit.

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