Israeli: 2 Jordanians killed in shooting at embassy


Israeli: A Jordanian died, Israeli staffer at the embassy in Jordan was wounded and another injured in a gun fire inside the embassy on Sunday in Amman.

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On Sunday night the Public Security Department of Jordan has also conveyed that the gun fire occurred at a residential building within the compound of the Israeli embassy. The wounded were immediately rushed to hospital.

Police blocked the areas surrounding the embassy and haunting the Jordanian’s car in front of the embassy. The report further stated that, the Jordanians entered the building prior to the occurrence as they work as carpenters.

Demonstrations crossways Jordan called for ties with Israel and closing off the Israeli embassy over Israeli escalation in Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday.

Since then protests broken out in the holy site, with Muslim worshippers denied to enter the Mosque and prayed outside believing the security checks “violation” of the holiest place for Muslims.

On Sunday Israel reopened the compound with the introduction of metal detectors and security checks installed at the entrances.

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