Israel conducts fresh missile attack on Syrian military base


Israel carried out a missile attack on Monday against a Syrian military base in the Damascus.

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The Syrian air military protection reacted to the attack, damaging three of six missiles aiming the military base in Jamraya.

Individuals in Damascus listened to the strong sound of blast during airstrikes that were held on Monday midnight.

On May 5, 2013, the military research centre in Jamraya was strike by Israeli jets. The Israelis stated they hit Hezbollah-bound missiles in that Syrian military base.

The attack was held following Israel hit military base in Kisweh town in the south of Damascus.

The army was reported to have damaged two missiles whereas the others strike the base.

Israeli authorities alleged various times that they would not admit any Iranian pressure close to their borders.

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The Syrian government has constantly blamed Israel of helping the rebels close to the Golan Heights.