Israel attacked military base in Syria, 12 Iranians killed


At Least twelve Iranian military personnel lost their lives in an alleged Israeli air strike that took place on Friday in an Iranian base in Syria. The IDF targeted military base in south of Damascus.

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The attack was executed from Lebanon and make use of air-to-surface missiles. As per the reports, the Syrian army fired nearly two missiles.  The reports added that the military base was slated to get Iranian forces.

Reports affirmed anti-aircraft conflict was utilized against the Israeli planes.

On Saturday, the Israeli adversary carried out two missiles in the direction of armed bases on the periphery of Damascus.

In November, Iran is building a lasting army base in Al-Kiswah, 13 kilometers (7 miles) south of Damascus – a similar territory which Israel assaulted on Friday night. Satellite pictures distributed affirmed action at the site.

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MK Eyal Ben Reuven stated, “If there was such a strike, it sends a reasonable message to the Iranians, Syrians, Russians, and Americans: Israel will act, and won’t enable Iran to fabricate a base in Syria following the Syrian common war.”