Islamic State confirms death of propaganda chief


Islamic State (IS) on Monday affirmed the passing of its purposeful publicity boss, whom the Pentagon said was killed in a U.S.- drove air strike in Syria’s Raqqa area a month ago.

An announcement posted online by the activist gathering paid tribute to Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad, otherwise called Abu Mohammed al-Furqan. The announcement just alluded to him by his nom de plume.It didn’t say when, where or how he had died .The Pentagon said a month ago that a U.S.- drove coalition air strike on Sept. 7 had slaughtered al-Fayad.

It said he was pastor of data, managing Islamic State’s purposeful publicity, and a conspicuous individual from its Senior Shura Council, or authority amass.IS’s announcement alluded to al-Fayad as leader of its media arm.The air strike occurred close Raqqa, IS’s true capital in northern Syria, and focused on al-Fayad while he was on a bike outside his home, the Pentagon said.

Islamic State controls huge parts of Iraq and Syria and has communicate its executions of writers and help laborers in the course of recent years. The gathering has sympathizers in a few nations who have done bombings and shootings of regular citizens.