Islamabad’s blue-eyed chaiwalla scored a music video


It would seem that the Internet's still not exactly finished with Arshad Khan, Islamabad's blue-eyed chaiwalla who made such a splash via web-based networking media. After landing him a modelling job, undergoing a makeover on a Pakistani show, and even having the Shah Rukh Khan comment about him thanks to social media's collective gushing, Arshad, 18, just featured in a music video.

Titled (what else?) "Chaiwala," the melody by rapper Lil Mafia Mundeer not just features Arshad, it's likewise about him. However, this 'most anticipated video of the year' (as the makers call it) leaves us rather outraged.

"Meri sun, apni na suna. Jaake ek glass chai bana" – this may simply be the slightest unpalatable of the hostile verses in the tune. We're not overstating, there are uncalled for lines on ladies, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in it.

But most of all, we're asking why Arshad even chose to be a piece of this video.

"What a moronic a*# tune… chaiwala looks nice looking as dependably yet the melody is the most exceedingly awful tune of the year," says one analyst on YouTube. "I got to be distinctly hard of hearing in the wake of listening to this tune," says another.

However, here's one analyst who truly clarifies what's so amiss with the video: "Some way or another feels off-base. They are ridiculing the poor person and he doesn't understand it. I even get a handle on this melody happened to desire. So imagine a scenario in which his fortunes hit with a fortuitous event dissimilar to for these battling rappers. These folks are currently draining his acclaim for their own. We ought to leave the alone be and given him a chance to make the most of his celeb life."

There are still some who think it is a pleasant track, however.

So why don't you watch the video and tell us what you think about it in the comments below.