ISIS burns 19 Yazidi women alive for ‘refusing to be sex slaves’


Mosul : According to news site ARA News, Militants from the Islamic State( ISIS ) group executed 19 Yezidi girls who refused to be sex slaves by burning them alive inside iron cages. According to the Kurdish ARA News agency, the women were put in iron cages and burnt to death as hundreds of people watched in horror.

Islamic State militants have killed, raped and enslaved thousands of Yazidis since 2014, forcing over 400,000 of the religious minority group to flee their homes in northern Iraq, accusing them of being devil worshippers. ISIS militants kidnapped the nineteen women, along with thousands of others, after having taken control of Yazidi territory in Iraq in August 2014, and used them as sex slaves.
American network Fox News reported that human rights groups and the UN pleaded with ISIS several times to release the women, and said that the crime constituted a serious violation of human rights.
According to the Kurdistan Region’s government estimates, 1,800 women are being held captive by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The UN, however, estimates that the number of Yazidi women alone held captive by ISIS stands at around 3,500.