ISI of Pakistan forecasts an Earthquack, its a disaster agencies hustle to cope


As the letter did the circulates on social media, Twitter and Facebook users in Pakistan mocked the spy agency’s ability to predict natural disasters.

The letter was taken seriously by their authorities, with Ghulam Rasul, director general of the Pakistan Meteorological Department, telling BBC Urdu that “many government institutions, including his organisation, are making preparations for a possible earthquake and its impact in the Indian Ocean” after receiving the information from the ISI.

He added “This prediction has no scientific justification, but we are preparing to save ourselves from the effects.”

From the Directorate General an Information Report has been received, Inter-Services Intelligence that there is, reportedly, likelihood, of large scale earthquake, as being expected, in Indian Ocean in near future which may vigorously shake the Asian continental areas, including Pakistan.

The letter asked concerned departments “to be on vigil and take care of any natural disaster”.

ERRA committed the originality of the leaked letter to The Nation daily but sought to play it down as a “routine matter”. The newspaper also reported that ERRA’s deputy chairman had sought a report on the leak of the official letter.