Story behind famous Parle G kid


A great deal of hypotheses about the child on the Parle G biscuit covers were made back in the 90s. Few names like Neeru Deshpande, Sudha Murthy and Gunjan Gundaniya were thought to be the child who highlighted on the cover. Amongst the three, Neeru Deshpande got real media consideration. Some local daily paper conveyed her photo with a short review while some other media outlets asserted that Neeru is from Nagpur and is 65 years of age. The reports further portrayed the tale of how she got on the biscuit.

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The story peruses that she was only 4 years of age when her dad who wasn’t an expert picture taker clicked her. The photo turned out to be nice to the point that it persuaded chose to be set on the wrapper of Parle G biscuits is still on the cover.

But, regardless of the bits of gossip were set when, Parle Products’ gathering item supervisor, Mayank Shah, denied all stories by saying that the child is only a representation which was made in the 60s by Everest inventive.

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