Is tea beneficial for you? Check out here!


Tea has a special place in India. Whether it is office or any other place. People drink tea several times a day. But do you know drinking more than two or three tea’s in a day can be harmful to health.

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Check out some of its advantages and disadvantages here :

Image result for teaAdvantages:

Tea involves lot of caffeine that is helpful for body.

Tea is beneficial in getting rid of stress and several health related problems. It involves soothing effect that decreases the stressful feelings. It is very helpful in treating heart disease, cancer problems.

It contains several antioxidants that clears the human body from discarded substances.

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Disadvantages :

Excess use of drinking tea leads of gastric ulcers.

Tea involves tannic acid that leads to iron deficiency and anemia problem. It is said that person should not consume tea in great amount.

Image result for teaExcess use of tea leads to kidney and liver problem.