IS spokesman al-Adnani killed in US air strike, Pentagon confirmed


WASHINGTON: Islamic state Leader and Spokesman Abu Mohammed has been killed by US air strike in Northern Syria last month. This news has been confirmed by Pentagon.
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“The strike near Al Bab, Syria, removes from the battlefield ISIL’s chief propagandist, recruiter and architect of external terrorist operations,” Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said on Monday

“It is one in a series of successful strikes against ISIL leaders, including those responsible for finances and military planning, that make it harder for the group to operate.” He added.

On August 30, the air strike was carried out by a Predator drone which fired a Hellfire missile while Adnan was traveling in the car.

Authorities said, “Adnani was the principle representative for IS, and he had assumed a noteworthy part amid a portion of the gathering’s most prominent assaults over the previous year, incorporating into Paris, at the Brussels and Istanbul airplane terminals, at a bistro in Bangladesh, and in addition the bringing down of a Russian carrier in the Sinai and suicide bombings at a rally in Ankara.”

“Adnani had composed the development of IS warriors, energized solitary wolf assaults on regular people and individuals from the military and effectively enrolled new IS individuals.” Cook said.

Not long after the strike against Adnani, Russia said it was in charge of his passing, a case Pentagon authorities released as a “joke.

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